A double crown Zotye T600 off-road fleet continuation of the king demeanor

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A double crown Zotye T600 off-road fleet continuation of the king demeanor


       On September 21, after the four-day fierce competition for the 24th Guizhou Cup of the China Site Cross Country Championship (COC) came to the end, the T600 off-road fleet relied on the excellent performance of the car and the super car technology Stand out from the many manufacturers fleet, get gasoline modified individual champion team, the  champion team, gasoline manufacturers team runner-up. Hancheng station to continue the high level of competition, the championship division fire full, with one-stop double crown perfect performance, continuation of the king style.


       With the eastern "Autumn Mountain" city of Guizhou Qinglong, a beautiful mountain view, because for two consecutive years to undertake the COC race and let Ching Lung is famous throughout the country. Qinglong "Twenty-four Shui" ancient name "crows off", male, odd, dangerous, Jun, there is a husband when the door, Wan Fu Mo opened the trend. Corresponding to the call of the country, vigorously develop the sports industry, Qinglong with COC and CRC China's highest level of automotive transport events, to build a motor sports county has come in the forefront of the country.


       Different from last year's competition, the Qinglong station opened a new cross-country track, a larger area, faster. The racing town of Stilwell is about 1.3 km long. The course clever use of natural terrain, and then rebuilt by a professional artificial design, set up a speedometer, Shuanglian Feng, drift bend, and craters, steps and many other professional off-road obstacles. Every obstacle in the arena is a litmus test to test the strength of the car and the real athleticism of the driver.


Champion driver: Xu Ying

       This race, public T600 off-road fleet has a new blood to join. It is noteworthy that China's cross-country series champion Liu Yanjiu annual winner after Nanxi station once again wearing a zeta shirt played in the gasoline refit group, in addition, from Qinglong rookie driver Chen Chao also represents the participation of Zotye T600 off-road team open group contest . Liu Yangui, Xu Ying and Zhang Guoyu three main gasoline modified group, Wang Xiang, Jing Wei and Yan Huaiyu three people attack the gasoline manufacturer group, controlled by full of driving control of the public T600 car.


       In qualifying on the first day, Zotye T600 off-road fleet wearing a red shirt made a hearty visual feast for the guests. With the change of traffic lights, the public T600 gallop out, with every corner, every obstacle to the perfect treatment, won the audience applause and cheers. In the end, T600 off-road fleet in the master team gathered the top five in the qualifying two, driver Liu Yanui to 1 minute 51 seconds 91 results ranked third, Xu Ying was 1 minute 49 seconds 96 Results beat the pack, won the top spot qualifying.

       During the two-day two-round preliminaries, the drivers of the expedition experienced different track conditions. The previous day's high temperatures made the track dusty and the heavy rains of the day made the track muddy. In the face of quite different road conditions, all drivers worked harder and harder. The four Taiwanese warriors Wang Xiang, Jing Li, Xu Ying and Zhang Guoyu from T600 Racing Team finished their race to the final. Gasoline manufacturers group, Wang Xiang in two rounds preliminaries ran 12 minutes and 59 seconds 50 total score, ranked third in the group; Jing Zhi is 13 minutes 07 seconds 78 ranked fifth. Gas modification group, Xu Ying's prelims result is 12 minutes and 59 seconds, ranked second in the group, Zhang Guoyu ranked fifth with 13 minutes and 38 seconds.


        In the final round of the 21st race, with 6 rounds of Qi Fa and 4 + 1 laps (one lap King Circle), all the minor mistakes made by the drivers in more than five minutes on the court may affect the final result and Champion missed.

        Xu Ying and Zhang Guoyu, representing the Zotye T600 team's finalists in the gasoline refit group finals, are the "victorious generals" on the COC. In the face of the Beijing team's three-member award, Xu Ying, the champion, took the lead in entering the King Circle after occupying a favorable line After chasing after a long chase after the car, by virtue of skilled technology and a stable state of mind, did not give the opponent left any hope that the continuation of the advantages to the end, and ultimately gains personal title gasoline modification unit. Xu Ying champion performance with teammate Zhang Guoyu fourth place results for all off-road racing team to win the gasoline modified group champion.

        More than just the champion. T600 off-road team in addition to the COC track continue to create a miracle, harvest a seat trophy, but also in the realization of the value of Zotye T600 products continue to take a solid step on the road to achieve their own style of the king.

       Totai T600 listed in 2016 sports version, it is in the advantages of the platform Totai T600 launched a strong, public T600 Sport Edition, with a new fashion sports appearance, since listing, it has been media and consumer widespread concern, and by Optimized and upgraded 2017 models Zotye T600 sports version will soon be listed in the near future, it is worth looking forward to!

       Into the new design concept of the public T600 Sport Edition, stylish, full body and a very sporty style, by the current increasingly younger buyers blitz. Since the removal of chrome car logo and the new handwritten English logo application, people shines.

       T600 sports version of the European-style interior used to create a strong campaign gas inverse, dark tone-based, supplemented by the atmosphere of the car warm delicate atmosphere to create. In addition, the application of white suture in the control of cortex coated with the car seat to form a good response, to achieve the dual visual and quality of enjoyment. The driver's seat will also feature electric 8-way adjustment and integrated ventilation, heating, lumbar support and seat memory functions for comfort and convenience.

       In the car space, Zotye T600 Sport Edition is "out of blue and outweighs the blue." In the T600 advantage platform, based on the public soaring T600 sports version of the same wheelbase to achieve an astonishing 2807mm, guaranteed generous legroom. Zotye T600 sports version of the length and breadth were 4648 * 1893 * 1686mm, for occupants to provide more comfortable interior space, with obvious advantages at the same level. Zotye T600 sports version of the trunk volume of 344L, while rear seats provide 4: 6 ratio down, bringing a more comfortable car experience.

        Configuration, Zotye T600 Sport Edition is second to none, the whole system comes standard with ABS + EBD, ESC electronic body stability, TCS traction control, EPB electronic parking, BAS brake aids, HAC uphill aids, the engine a key to start the front double Airbags, front / rear center armrests, outside mirrors electric heating / defrosting, centralized control of three cortical multi-purpose steering wheel and many other practical and technology configuration, to provide users with more safe driving guarantee and comfortable driving control Experience.

       In addition, the electric trunk open, and Tye-net car networked intelligence, PM2.5 green static technology and other cutting-edge configuration to further enhance the vehicle grade did not bring consumers luxury car experience.

       Power, T600 Sport Edition 1.5T and 2.0T provide two engine models, 1.5T turbo engine and 5-speed manual transmission with a golden power combination, the maximum power of 119KW, the maximum torque of 215N • m. More worth looking forward to is its 2.0T models, with the use of knob-shift 6-speed dual clutch or 5-speed manual transmission, maximum power 140KW, the maximum torque of 250N • m, acceleration of only 9.26 seconds per hundred kilometers, and fully improve the utilization of fuel Rate, more energy saving, while reducing the cost of vehicles.


       To overcome all obstacles, tearing forward, all T600 off-road fleet after 2017COC new season five stations of the baptism, both the car and the driver are gradually restored the champion of the previous division's competitive state. I believe T600 off-road fleet with extraordinary perseverance and indomitable fighting spirit, constantly writing T600 off-road fleet glorious chapter.