Zotye Launched Cloud 100 EV

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On November, 24th, Zotye Cloud 100 was launched in Changsha, Hunan. Deputy Provincial Secretary Zhongbo Chen, Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission Director Chaoying Xie, Deputy Mayor Jihua He, President of Zotye Zheyong Jin, Jiangnan Business Unit General Manager Jinhe Su and more than 300 representatives from dealers and suppliers, etc. along with dozens of national journalists attended the event and witnessed the moment.




Intelligent electric cars create perfect new life


As a heavyweight product of Zotye after seven years efforts, Cloud 100 entered the national new energy vehicle promotion catalog. After the launch, it enjoys the status of subsidy for new energy vehicles. At the same time, being one of the most mature new energy vehicles in China, Cloud 100 possesses five advantages in this area: fashionable, comfortable, safe, technological and pure electric.


The appearance of Cloud 100 has a cute design, sleek and sporty. It is minimalistic, and yet stylish. The front showcases a powerful octagon grille enhancing the integrity and the impact of the head. The engine cover slightly upturns at both sides paired with the headlight give it more harmony and force. One-piece headlights, wedge-shaped side lines, smooth roof arc and trapezoidal rear window add more liveliness to it.


Cloud 100 measures 3,550x1,620x1,476mm with a wheelbase of 2,360, which can fulfill daily family needs. Refined Cloud 100 is more powerfully equipped. It not only has comfort configurations such as front and rear electric windows, EPS, independent front suspension, semi-independent rear suspension, etc. , but also technological configurations such as GPS, reverse imaging, 7' color screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi sharing, multi-screen sharing, etc. As a small-sized car, in terms of safety Cloud 100 is also considerate. Beside double airbags and Isofix , Cloud 100 is complete with intelligent ramps  auxiliary functions, GPS Remote security and other safety designs.


When it comes to power, Cloud 100 is equipped with an AC induction motor of 18kW at maximum output, whose peak torque is 120N/m. Once fully charge, it can travel  from 150 to 300 kilometers, which meets the needs of everyday use.



Proven leader and model for the industry


Until August, 2014, Zotye has put more than 4,000 electric vehicle in the Chinese market covering private use, police force, postal services, logistics, electricity, hotels, taxis, etc. In Hangzhou, where Zotye participated in a trial program of 500 taxis of electric M300EV for two years, it has accumulated mileage of 62,000,900 kilometers under the circumstances of different road conditions and high frequency, among which some have reached 408,000 kilometers. There are more than 300 taxis over 50,000 kilometers. It not only attests to the overall performance of the production, but also gained successful experience of safety and real-time monitoring of electric vehicles.


In light of the extraordinary performance of Zotye in new energy industry, Qingdao TGOOD signed a cooperation agreement with Zotye. Hunan University held a ceremony of an agreement of laboratory with Zotye. Hunan Hetai New Energy Vehicle Service Company also inked a deal.


General Manager Jinhe Su said that with the stronger support from the government on new energy vehicles, the industry is growing bigger and bigger, as a member in the industry, guided by the national development, not only pushes technological innovation, but also quickens the collaboration among different industry levels so that the Chinese can enjoy the perfect life brought by the era of new energy vehicle.


During the event, Hunan Provincial New Energy Technology Center was also established. The joint lab between Hunan University and Zotye was officially put to use. It's a big step for Hunan Province in the industry. It's also big news for the industry. Integrated advantageous resources and strong cooperation is bound to promote the rapid development of this industry.