Zotye and Ford joint venture

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Zotye and Ford joint venture to create a new pure electric car brand
Abstract: More than a decade ago, a domestic automobile brand established a joint venture with Ford Motor Company to fully enjoy the dividends brought by the market development in recent years. Today, Zotye Automobile, as a rising star in China's automobile brand, takes advantage of the unique advantages of new energy sources and signs a joint venture contract with Ford in the field of pure electric vehicles. It plans to set up a Sino-foreign joint venture limited company in Zhejiang to develop more internationally competitive pure electric vehicles, and the future development of broad is prosperous.
Zotye and Ford JV intends to be named "Zotye Ford Automobile Co., Ltd." and it is a competent and sustainable development company that integrates R & D, procurement, manufacturing, sales and Service as one of the Chinese-foreign joint venture brand of pure electric passenger car manufacturers, with an annual output of 100,000 pure electric passenger cars.
At the same time, the joint venture contract will also stipulate that the CAFC points and NEV points generated by the JV's own pure electric passenger vehicles are all controlled, decided and enjoyed by the JV.
Respond to national policy
The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a major automotive powerhouse to a powerful automobile powerhouse. Especially after Xi Jinping made the epoch-making spirit of making golden or silver mountains not as good as the limestone mountains, China's new energy automotive industry has gained important development. China's 2025 strategy plans the future direction of auto companies, that is, advanced energy-saving technologies and new energy technologies. The 19th NPC also pointed out: To promote green development, solve environmental problems and build a beautiful China.
As the earliest enterprise in China to industrialize new energy vehicles, Zotye Automobile shouldered its mission and led the development of new energy in 2016 with the top ten global sales of pure electric vehicles. The signing of a joint venture with Ford will also make Zotye Auto's brand to go up to a more solid and powerfulthe road.
A new era opens a new journey, the new goal of planning a new future. As Zotye Automobile and Ford Motor Co. formally signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing, Zotye Automobile's first joint venture project was settled. Since August, Zotye and Ford signed a memorandum of cooperation so far, but less than 3 months less than the time, Zotye joint venture project is not only the speed of progress reflects the state's emphasis on new energy development unprecedented, but also reflects the Zotye Automobile has made a historic breakthrough in new energy sector.
Boost the brand up
The joint venture project, Zotye Automobile and Ford Motor each 50% share to jointly establish a competitive and sustainable development capability, set R & D, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service, mobile travel as one of the pure Chinese-foreign joint venture brand Electric passenger car manufacturers. This not only actively responded to General Secretary Xi Jinping's great call for building a beautiful China and building a world-advanced base, but also inherited the social responsibility and vision of Zotye Automobile's "green trip".
Zotye Automotive is a pioneer in China's pure electric vehicle industry and has created China's first "China's six firsts" such as the first batch of automobile production enterprises that produce pure electric passenger cars. After more than a decade of innovation and development, Zotye Automotive already possesses the complete vehicle design, trial production, test and component development capabilities of new energy vehicles. It has fully mastered key core technologies such as batteries, motors, electric control and electromechanical coupling systems, Vehicle integration technology, electric drive system technology, energy storage system technology, high-voltage electrical system technology innovation breakthrough. Zotye new energy self-developed VCU (vehicle controller) has been mass-produced, and passed the national car quality inspection center inspection. There is also a complete upgrade of the drive motor system (MCU) and battery management system (BMS). Zotye new energy is gradually realized electrification, intelligence, network connection, the way to the future to put forward higher standards.
As of September 2017, Zotye New Energy has achieved a total sales of more than 90,000 units, accounting for 18% of the total new-energy pure electric vehicles sales nationwide. Among them, Zotye new energy sales in 2016 exceeded 37,298 units, accounting for 15% of the purely electric market segments, the domestic new energy passenger car sales standings ranked fourth. Zotye 2017 also won the "new energy brand breakthrough" award. In the "double integration" policy, Zotye new energy advantages prominent, won the cooperation Ford Cars thrown olive branch is also reasonable.
Ford Motor Co., Ltd. is a globally renowned automobile brand with strong technical resources and brand strength as well as marketing experience. The joint venture with Ford to form a new venture, the two sides will usher in a continuous exchange and learning process, and the formation of 1 +1> 2 effect. Zotye Automobile will also enhance its brand image through international advanced management experience.
Future travel of new benchmark
According to the contract, both parties will strive to make the joint venture's products occupy 10% or more of China's pure electric passenger car market share and make it a key part of the cooperation between the joint ventures to develop an economical and cost-effective pure electric passenger platforms.
New energy has become the main direction of future development. Zotye and Ford jointly build pure electric vehicles will be based on consumer demand, in-depth integration of "manufacturing + Internet", "electric car + Internet" era, the introduction of the real electrification, intelligent , Network of products, is committed to becoming the new benchmark for future travel.
In combination with the 2025 Strategy and Industry 4.0 standards, Zotye will promote the new energy industry and manufacturing in China through new developments in the new energy field. And develop Zotye Automobile with a globalized vision. In particular, we will lead innovation in areas such as new energy,  autonomous driving and intelligent network. We will strive to exceed 1 million units by 2025!