Zotye auto carrying original T300 Qingdao auto show

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Zotye auto carrying original T300 Qingdao auto show

Summary: On September 22, the spectacular 2017 Qingdao Auto Carnival kicked off. Gold September silver October car market continued to sounded, Zotye Automobile also carry all-star models shocked appearance of the auto show. Which has just listed, is in short supply hot state of the new independent original models T700, T300; also sporty and stylish T600Coupe, T600 Sport, SR9, SR7 and elegant, quality Z700, Z560, Z360; there is also a green travel standard known as the new energy vehicles Z500EV and E200. In short, this auto show, Zotye Automobile will give you a different event experience.

With the theme of "Motivating the Future", this car exhibition focuses on emerging technologies and outstanding achievements in the automotive industry. At the same time, it runs through new concepts such as energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent living and independent innovation. Through the product, technology show, narrowing the distance between the brand and consumers, thereby promoting the car's cultural life and good development.

Zotye SUV original charm is not self-evident

The T700 and T300 exhibitors Zotye original models, unique appearance design, high recognition, high-value attracted a wave of young groups, combined with rich, cutting-edge technology configuration, the charm index of SUV straight up . T700 therefore also won the "2017 domestic SUV model award", honor plus body, the public is T700 market performance was in short supply state.

T700 addition to the distinctive sky design concept of the former Ge grilling, the powerful lines and shapes such as intelligent retractable pedals, 10.4 inch large central touch screen, intelligent voice control system, PM2.5 Green Net technology configuration T700 Become the same level of the most models.

The T300 as a compact SUV, appearance, configuration, cost the same prominent. It has the world's three major sports car manufacturer British lotus the world's most professional chassis tuning technology, to bring the most perfect driving experience control. Equipped with cutting-edge lane departure warning, blind spot detection, cruise control, cruise control and other cutting-edge technology configuration, especially steep descending function, the vehicle can automatically maintain the low speed under the steep slope without losing the grip of the tire state, smooth smooth steep slope Road, the human security configuration has been unanimously approved by consumers. In addition, panoramic sunroof, a key to start, keyless entry, Tye-net car networked intelligent control system, electric seat adjustment and other high-tech configuration of a wide range of applications to further create a unique user car charm new life, its rich The same level of leading performance at the same level.

Luxury car quality travel

Z700 is the first  C-class new classic super luxury car, 2700mm long wheelbase provides greater and more comfortable space, with high-end interior trim plus millions of features such as electric door closures for the occupants with To "calmly, quality of life," the car life.

Z560 and Z360 led the trend of home sedan, set stylish atmosphere, intelligent interconnection, strong power is equal to one, but also opened a new paradigm of the country car to benefit the countryside, for more people to realize the dream car, car into the quality of life.

Pure electric pure green popular

As one of China's earliest layout of new energy automotive industrialization enterprises, Zotye new energy vehicles has been committed to pure electric vehicle intelligence. Yun 100S, E200, Mai Mai sesame-led pure electric campaign has been fully recognized by the market in 2016 Zotye new energy sales of nearly 40,000, accounting for 15% of pure electric market segments, for many years ranked China's new energy vehicles Sales forefront.

This year, Zotye introduced the first mid-sized pure electric car Z500EV, 250 km long cruising range, 8 years 120,000 km long warranty, so all Z500EV family green travel become a new choice.

E200 is a miniature two pure electric, not only beautiful appearance, product quality has also been the Qinghai International Electric Vehicle Challenge and other international competitions rigorous validation. With automatic temperature and air conditioning, mobile Internet technology configuration, with fast charge 30 minutes and slow charge 8 hours two modes, 100 kilometers cost 10 yuan, the maximum speed of up to 120km / h, won the praise of the market.

Agitate the future, enjoy the life. In full of science and technology exhibition booth and luxury lineup before the show, Zotye car attracted a large audience stop with the media friends video interviews, attractive attention is evident. During the carnival in Qingdao, Zotye Automobile booth will also launch a series of promotions, a car polite car feast is ongoing, looking forward to your arrival.