Grand Appearance
  • Z360 Model 2017
  • Ideal size for a family
  • Enough space for all you need
Efficient Power
  • Equipped with highly efficient VV engine, which only consumes 6.7 liters per 100 kms
  • Utilize i-VTEC techonology, adjusting optimum air intake according to different engine speed
  • Raise energy efficiency and match the engine with the perfect transmission
  • Low consumption coupled with smooth gear shifting
Big Space
  • Longer wheelbase of 2700mm than others in the same segment
  • Building spacious driving and riding world
  • Flat floor at the backseats
  • 4/6 ratio of rolling down for backseats
  • 457 liters space of the trunk for all purposes
Smart Technology
  • Intelligent ECU and CAN-BUS
  • Realtime display of gasoline consumption, mileage, maintenance, etc
  • Precise and fast vehicle checking; easily sharing information
  • Independent LCD dashboard display for you to get the big picture
  • GPS and reversing radar/video to guide you
  • Automatic AC, duo mode sun roof and multifunctional steering wheel
  • Entertainment system
Five-Star Safety
  • C-NCAP five-star rating
  • 6 airbags
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Large-sized four-wheel brake disks
  • Four-door steel bars